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"BIG PAWS" was named in hope that people feel dog's existence more closely and greatly. We hope that you try to pay attention to your dog being by your side, once again.
big paws
コンテンツ Importance of training your dog  
Dogs have been working with human beings since wolf changed to dogs as domestic animal about millions years ago. But I think a human working with dogs is decreasing now. Training will help to build confidence between you and your dog by having common aims like before. And also it will help your dog to reduce stress by its owner exercising its leadership. This can solve your dog’s problem such as barking and biting.

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plan-a   Basic obedience by owner
8×1 hour lessons. 1 lesson per a week.
Trainer comes up to you to teach new exercises every week.
plan-b plan-b Basic obedience by trainer
10days plus 3days
Trainer comes up to you to train your dog for 10 days (minimum 4 days per
a week) plus for 3days to teaches how to handle your dog more
plan-c 犬写真   Puppy training
3×1 hour lessons. 1 lesson per a week.
Trainer comes up to you to teach how to train pup by using the "natural lines" method.
※This course dog must be between 8&18 weeks of age. more

※ All of dog join in class is demanded to have a vaccination against the rabies and others. Command Dog Training School AAPDT
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