■Dog training(inside of Tokyo's 23 Wards) pet goods sale of a dog 
dog traning big paws
"BIG PAWS" means the footprint of a dog. It was attached from the wish of wanting you to feel it larger. your dog is next to you. Please think being conscious of being once again.
big paws
コンテンツ Importance of training your dog
Dogs have been working with human being since human beings tried to have wolf as domestic animal about 5 million years ago. But our chances of working with dogs have significantly decreased these days. Training will help you create a greater bond with your dog as in old times by having mutual objectives. Also, it will help your dog reduce his/her stress by you properly exercising leadership. This can solve your dog’s behavioral problems such as barking and biting.
1.PlanA 〜basic obedience by owne〜

■Group lesson

 ¥35.000 (for one person)
2.PlanB 〜basic obedience by traine〜
3.PlanC 〜puppy training〜
4.PlanD 〜Problem solving〜

■1hour par a time

 ¥5.000 + Traffic free to 1 time

※ All of dog join in class is demanded to have a vaccination against the rabies and others.

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